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DINE-AGLOW DIABLO™ Food Service Fuels is the industry pioneer and leader in producing disposable restaurant table lighting also known as disposable liquid wax lamp oil. There is something all good restaurateurs know about creating a great place to dine, the location, the service, the food and the furnishings are certainly critical, but just as important is the restaurant ambiance.

Table lighting not only highlights the architecture and spotlights the food, but it is what brings romance and glamour to the room. When you walk into a restaurant that has great ambiance, you immediately feel more relaxed, warm and cozy, which makes you want to spend time there. A space that is too dim or too bright is not only a horrible showcase for good food, it can really make the setting unfriendly and unappealing. On the other hand, stylish, warm, intimate lighting can help make any gathering special.

Research has indicated that restaurant table lighting and lamps that use a live flame increases customer comfort and enhances the entire dining experience. Happy customers usually translates into more money by re-occurring customers and higher check averages. Restaurant table lighting is a silent asset that restaurant owners can use to enhance their location and their profits.

Options for Restaurant Table Lighting

The first thing to know is that every dining room should include several layers of light. The word “glow” is often used to describe the effect sought by restaurant owners. Spotlights are often used to focus on architectural items like columns or high ceilings. Fluorescent lights are used with colored gels to create a warm, complimentary back-light on diners. But, it is low-leveling restaurant table lighting, such as Dine-Aglow liquid wax oil lamps, that really play a big part in creating the overall balance and ambiance of a room. Low-level lighting is sexy. Its highlight and accent all in one. It adds drama to the restaurant and really sets the mood for dinners.

Options available for restaurant table lighting and lamps are disposable liquid wax candles, wax candles and flameless candles. Experts agree that no dining room can do without some sort of candlelight. Everyone looks better in natural candlelight and there is no light that can imitate the beauty of the live flame of a candle. Flameless candles try to imitate natural candle light but fall short. Disposable liquid wax oil fuel cartridges or wax candles placed into a decorative table lamp creates instant ambiance.

Dine-Aglow Custom Design Restaurant Table Lighting Customers

Currently and in the past Dine-Aglow has custom designed and developed table lamps for several national chains. Ruth Chris Steak House, Bonefish Grill, Capitol Grill, Steak and Ale, Chi-Chi’s, Olive Garden, Marriott, Disney World, Ramada Inn, and Cracker Barrel are some of our more visible special design customers.
Marriott Hotels and Resorts         Walt Disney Parks and Resorts         Olive Garden Restaurant

Chi Chi's         Ramada Inn Resorts         Ruth's Chris Steakhouse

Bonefish Grill         Steak and Ale Restaurant         Capital Grill Logo         Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

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