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Diablo Chafing and Cooking Fuel

DINE-AGLOW DIABLO™ Food Service Fuels manufactures Diablo Chafing and Cooking Fuel products. Diablo Chafing Fuels offer a comprehensive product line and rivals the industry leader in quality, heat output and selection. Diablo Chafing and Cooking Fuel offers a complete line of wick and gel based fuels in a variety of burn times and heat outputs. Whatever burn time and heat is most efficient for your operation Diablo has a product at more competitive prices. Diablo chafing and cooking fuel is the number one rival to the industry leading brand, but it is so unique that Diablo has actually been provided a U.S. Patent for its innovative wick and burner assembly. This patented heat source makes it possible for Diablo to regularly burn hotter, longer and perform more efficiently than any other type of wick chafing fuel available on the market. Our patented pre-set wick produces a larger flame for higher food temperature, a larger heating surface and maintains the highest temperatures without ever needing to be adjusted.

For more than 20 years, American made, Diablo Chafing and Cooking Fuel has been safely heating chafing dishes and hot boxes around the world. Every Diablo product is tested to ensure quality and 100% combustion. Every can of Diablo comes with something that no one else in the industry offers, a performance guarantee! Diablo Chafing and Cooking Fuels are guaranteed to perform as advertised. Their burn times and temperatures are regularly tested to make certain that our strict standards are met, and every product burns exactly as you need and expect.

Diablo Chafing and Cooking Fuel is Safe

Diablo wick Chafing and Cooking Fuels are non-hazardous, non-toxic, odorless, smokeless and void of the inherent dangers of alcohol fuels. Diablo’s steel can and resealable steel screw down cap make it safe to handle, store and ship without restrictions. The safety and performance of the Diablo products have changed the canned heat market as it was known. Not even the industry leading brand has the features, efficiencies and advantages of Diablo wick Chafing Fuels. Diablo products burn safer and less expensively than the industry leading brand. Our products are a safe, convenient fuel source for cooking during power outages and emergency situations and can be easily resealed with their twist cap for reuse and easy storage.

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