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Gel Chafing Fuel

Diablo Gel Chafing Fuel

Diablo Gel Chafing Fuel

DINE-AGLOW DIABLO™ Food Service Fuels produces Diablo® Gel Chafing Fuel, the number one competitor of the industry leading brand. Diablo Gel Chafing Fuel is an economical, convenient, food warming product that is designed to keep chafing dish food pans consistently at their regulated temperature.

Diablo Gel Chafing Fuel comes in two versions, Diablo Pink Ethanol Gel, Diablo Blue Methanol Gel. Both versions have a burn time of approximately 2-2.5 hours. Diablo Pink Ethanol Gel Chafing Fuel burns at a slightly higher maximum temperature than Diablo Blue Methanol Gel Chafing Fuel. All gel heating solutions reach their optimum heat output in under one hour and maintain that output for the remaining duration of the product. All Diablo Gel Chafing fuel products offer a 100% product match guarantee to the industry leader or any other gel product on the market.

Diablo Gel Chafing Fuel is Safe

Diablo Gel Chafing Fuel found a way to improve on what had been introduced back in the early 1900’s. By making the methanol and ethanol gel products thicker and more viscous, it made the products less likely to spill. By reducing the amount of liquid (highly flammable alcohol) floating on top of the gel, it became a much safer product. Diablo Gel Chafing Fuel is a non-nitrocellulose product that contains no nitrous oxide or nitrogen dioxide emissions making it burn cleaner and without toxic emissions or odors.

Diablo Gel Chafing Fuel is Cost Effective

Diablo Gel Chafing Fuel is not only safe but is extremely cost effective. People who use the industry leader and switched to Diablo have told us they save hundreds to thousands of dollars annually. There is virtually no difference to the user in terms of how the product functions, but how it effects their bottom-line was substantial. Diablo Gel Chafing Fuel is not only economical and safe but it is also made of 100% recyclable materials making it environmentally friendly as well. Safe, great for the environment and can save you a substantial amount of money over the industry leading brand… what’s not to like?

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