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Dine-Aglow Diablo Food Service Fuels Headquarters

About Us

DINE-AGLOW DIABLO™ Food Service Fuels is the inventor, manufacturer, designer and developer of the original table lighting oil lamp system with patented disposable fuel cartridges that have been a staple in the food service and hospitality industry since 1976. Today DINE-AGLOW DIABLO™ Food Service Fuels manufacturers and import a complete and comprehensive product line of quality food service fuels. Our chafing fuels offer a complete heating solution that is a safer and more efficient method of heating chafing dishes and hot boxes. Diablo Chafing Fuels reach optimum temperature faster and maintain optimum temperature longer than our competitors’ products.

About Us and Our Company

Our modern manufacturing and distribution facility is located thirty miles West of Philadelphia in Phoenixville, PA. We have been in business for 60 years. Our plant in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania uses over 85,000 square feet and houses our advanced manufacturing equipment, warehouse, and office space. In this space we manufacture, import, design, engineer, wholesale and develop high volume products for the food service industry. We maintain stringent quality control procedures in every step of our manufacturing and importing processes to ensure consistently superior products that always perform exactly how you expect. All products we manufacture or import carry decades of experience and knowledge, and guaranteed to perform as advertised.

It’s Not About Us, It’s About You

At DINE-AGLOW DIABLO™ Food Service Fuels we pride ourselves on providing the best customer service experience as possible making it all about you and not about us. We are dedicated to not only producing and providing the highest quality of products that are reliable and enhance the dining experience, but also delivering those products in a white glove fashion. It starts with our Customer Service Representatives. We vow only to hire friendly, positive people that share our core values of integrity and exceptional workmanship. When you place an order with us you can expect that we will approach it with the highest care and importance from start to finish. Our Customer Service Representatives can even anticipate your needs and exceed your expectations and make sure you get the treatment that you deserve. Stock inventory is a must. We ship from stock. When you commit to Dine-Aglow Diablo Food Service Fuels, your next order is on the shelf. Since 2015, DADFuels has averaged a 98.6% fill rate. Based on your projections, we have your next order waiting for your release.

Our shipping department is highly experienced in shipping and receiving. We pack our skids with the care and forethought needed to arrive in saleable condition to your customer.

We contract with only professional national and regional FTL and LTL freight carriers to deliver your order in a safe and expedient manner. If needed additional delivery services are available such as sort and segregate, lift gate delivery, residential delivery, and others. Again it’s about you, the customer.

It’s never about us, it’s always about you, the customer. We value the voices of our customers and always enjoy hearing from them. Our customers’ comments and opinions give us insight as to how we can continue to improve our products and services. We make sure our customers’ needs and wants are at the forefront of all of our decisions.

The results of all this… we are proud to say that we have the highest customer satisfaction rating in the industry and continue to seek improving.

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