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Diablo Wick Chafing Fuel

Diablo Wick Chafing Fuel

Diablo Wick Chafing Fuel

DINE-AGLOW DIABLO™ Food Service Fuels manufactures Diablo® Wick Chafing Fuel, the amazingly reliable Diethylene glycol chafing fuel in numerous burn times and heat outputs. The Sterno® brand name had been at the forefront of canned heat and canned cooking fuel industry until Diablo Double Wide Wick Chafing Fuel revolutionized the industry with its new innovated patented wick products. Diablo Double Wide Wick chafing fuel led the industry from the traditional and dangerous gel fuel to the much safer, more efficient wick fuel. Now Diablo Double Wide Wick chafing fuel is the number one rival to the Sterno® brand. However, it is so distinct that Diablo Double Wide Wick has been awarded a U.S. Patent for its inventive wick and burner assembly. Our patented heat source makes it possible for Diablo Wick to routinely burn hotter, longer and operate more effectively than any other type of wick chafing fuel. Our patented pre-set wick height produces a larger flame for higher food temperature, a larger heating surface area, and preserves the greatest temperatures without ever having to be adjusted or changed.

Since 1994, for more than 20 years, American made Diablo Wick chafing and cooking fuels have safely been warming food, chafing dishes and hot boxes worldwide. Every Diablo Wick item is tested to guarantee quality and 100% combustion. Every can of Diablo Wick features something that nobody else in the industry offers, an efficiency warranty! Our item is guaranteed to perform as promoted. Our burn times and temperature levels are routinely checked and tested to assure that our strict requirements are met, and every one of our products burns exactly as advertised.

Diablo Wick Chafing Fuel is Safe

Diablo Wick products are odor-free, smokeless, non-toxic, non-hazardous and void of the inherent hazards of ethanol fuels. Diablo Wick has an all steel metal package and the plastic E-Z Cap Technology that make sit easy to open with out the need for tools. Diablo Wick products are safe to handle, store and transport with no restraints. The safety and effectiveness of the Diablo Wick products have transformed the food warmer and canned heat marketplace as it was known. Not even Sterno® offers the features and benefits of Diablo Wick chafing and food warming fuels. Studies have shown that Diablo Wick chafing fuel products reach optimal temperature faster and burn much safer than the Sterno® brand. Our products are also a safe, practical fuel source for cooking at the time power blackouts and emergency circumstances and can be easily resealed with their twist cap for reuse and storing.

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