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Diablo Max Chafing Fuel

Diablo MAX Wick Chafing Fuel

Diablo MAX Heat Wick Chafing Fuel

DINE-AGLOW DIABLO™ manufactures Diablo MAX Heat Wick Chafing Fuel that is the hottest chafing fuel in the world. Diablo MAX heats faster, more efficiently and more consistently than any other wick chafing fuel or gel chafing fuel available on the market today. Diablo MAX heat wick chafing fuel consistently maintains temperatures in excess of 220 degrees, and reaches optimum temperature in 45 minutes or less. No other fuel in its class can make that claim! Diablo MAX reaches optimum temperature faster and maintains optimum temperature longer than and other comparable industry product. It is also the only 6-hour option with high-heat output available on the market today.

Test have proven that Diablo MAX outperforms the industry leading gel fuel and “Super Wicks” in not only heat output but overall performance, functionality and price. Sterno Hot Spot products cannot compare. Sterno Hot Spot max burn time is 4 hours and does not reach it peak heat until almost 2 hours. Diablo MAX has 2, 4 and 6-hour options, and they all reach peak heat in about 45 minutes and maintain that heat for the full duration of the product. The bottom line… Diablo MAX is the superior heat.

Diablo MAX Heat Wick Chafing Fuel is Safe

Diablo MAX heat wick chafing and cooking fuel is one of the safest chafing fuels available on the market. Diablo MAX products are non-hazardous, non-toxic, odor-free, smokeless and void of the inherent risks of gel fuels. Diablo MAX’s steel package and resealable plastic E-Z Cap™ technology makes it easy to open without any tools. Diablo MAX is safe to handle, stock and ship with no constraints. The safety and effectiveness of the Diablo MAX product line is unmatched in the marketplace. Not even Sterno® offers the benefits and advantages of Diablo MAX heat wick chafing fuels. Diablo MAX solutions burn hotter and safer than Sterno® gels and longer compared to Sterno® Hot Spot. Our products are a safe, efficient fuel source for cooking amid power interruptions and unexpected emergency situations and can be simply resealed with their twist cap for reuse and easy safe-keeping.

Diablo MAX Heat Wick Chafing Fuel is Cost Effective

Economically Diablo MAX is the most cost effective chafing fuel available in its class. Longer burn times and higher heat than any other product available. Diablo MAX heat wick chafing fuel is the best option to maximize your dollar. Diablo MAX is made in America with its patented wick assembly that makes the fuel capillary up the wick at a warmer temperature and a more consistent rate. The patented wick utilizes every drop of fuel available and burns exactly as advertised, guaranteed. There is no waste and your money spent is fully maximized, saving you hundreds of dollars over other brands.

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