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Dine-Aglow Disposable Table Lighting

Dine-Aglow Disposable Liquid Wax Table Lighting

Dine-Aglow Table Lighting

DINE-AGLOW DIABLO™ Food Service Fuels is the inventor of disposable table lighting for the restaurant and hospitality industries. In the mid-1970’s as a pioneer in table lighting, Dine-Aglow® was the first company to invent, design and manufacture a disposable oil lamp system for restaurants. With our patented, safe, 100% recyclable disposable fuel cartridge system Dine-Aglow revolutionized the table lamp industry worldwide. Today Dine-Aglow table lighting still is the leader in the industry and is used worldwide by more restaurants than any other table lamp system.

Dine-Aglow disposable oil lamp fuel cells are frequently and randomly tested to ensure quality and guarantee burn times. As the inventors of the first disposable lamp fuel system, we continue to demand the highest level of quality standards and performance for all the products we manufacture. We test our products and our competitors regularly and in detail. We conduct these routine burn test to ensure our product performs to the high-quality standards we expect and you deserve. By testing our competitors product, we know that many of them fall short of the burn time that they advertise. In some cases, some competitors burn 20% less than they advertised. Dine-Aglow is the only manufacturer to offer a True Burn Time Guarantee. Every Dine-Aglow product carries decades of manufacturing experience and reliability and is guaranteed to perform as advertised.

Dine-Aglow Table Lighting is Safe

Dine-Aglow table lighting has actually been recognized by Fire Regulatory Boards throughout the world for its safety functions and work with promoting fire safety. As an outcome, Dine-Aglow is demonstrably the best, safest, most reliable type of table lighting available today.

Dine-Aglow Table Lighting is Environmentally Friendly

All Dine-Aglow table lighting fuel cells are made in the USA and made of 100% fully recyclable materials. It doesn’t matter if it is an 8-hour fuel cell or a 100-hour fuel cell, all of the Dine-Aglow products are 100% recyclable. They produce zero soot, and they also do not emit any toxic fumes or smells that could interfere with the dining experience. No need to worry about wax cleanup, stains, spills or a messy refill process. Simply just replace the 100% recyclable, empty fuel cell cartridge with a new one.

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