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15-Hour Dine-Aglow Disposable Table Lighting

Description: Dine-Aglow was the very first business to invent, design and produce a non-reusable oil lamp system for dining space lighting in restaurants. Dine-Aglow disposable table lighting changed the food industry with their patented, safe, 100 % recyclable disposable fuel cartridge system which is used around the world by more restaurants than any other table lamp system. Our most popular size fuel cell will lasts the entire dinner service. This tiny 15-hour Dine-Aglow Disposable Table Lighting fuel cell is perfect to produce atmosphere and light lighting while making use of very little space on the table. Fits nearly any lamp size and style. Never ever worry about spills, leakages or refills. Simple, easy to use.

  • Product is 100% Recyclable
  • Odorless and Clean Burning
  • 100% Combustion Guarantee
  • Consistent Flame Height
  • Uses White Mineral Oil for Longer Burn Time
  • Save Time and Money
  • True Burn Time Guarantee

Part Number: DF15
SKU#: 20052322000156
Height: 1.5”
Diameter: 2”
Burn Time: 15 Hours
Case Pack: 120 Fuel Cells
Case Weight: 12 Pounds
Cases Per Pallet: 120 Cases
Competitive Cross Reference
Sterno® – 30106
Hollowick® – HD15
Fancy Heat® – F505

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