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Butane Cooking Fuel

Diablo Butane Cooking Fuel

Dine-Aglow Diablo Food Service Fuels offers butane fuel solutions for all your cooking needs. What is Butane Cooking Fuel? Butane gas is used in refrigeration and heating systems, and as fuel for small portable stoves and cigarette lighters. Butane is a gaseous component of natural gas and is one of dozens of gases derived from raw natural gas. It is often combined with propaneto form a product called liquid propane gas (LPG). This is the bottled gas sold for use in portable camping stoves and outdoor gas-powered grills. Overall propane may deliver more energy, but butane has a certain property that makes it ideal for containment. When compressed, butane becomes a liquid very quickly. Once the butane gas is released into the air, however, it reacts with an ignition source to become a highly flammable gas. When burned, unlike some other natural gas derivatives, the butane gas only releases carbon dioxide as a waste product, not carbon monoxide.

People can take a close look at a transparent cigarette lighter to see butane in its liquid state. Once the holder depresses a valve, the liquid loses its pressure and becomes gaseous again. The flame is similar to a burning candle, because butane is considered a “paraffin” gas. The liquid that remains in the lighter is slowly expelled, much like how the candle wick only draws enough liquid wax to maintain the flame.

Diablo Butane Cooking Fuel Products

Dine-Aglow Diablo Food Service Fuels offers disposable butane cooking fuel canisters that are used in portable butane stoves. We also carry the butane stoves which are often used in hotels and by caters for omelet or fresh pasta stations. These portable stoves make it easy for chefs to provide freshly cooked, hot food anywhere. Dine-Aglow Diablo also offers the Flame Tamer lighter. The Flame Tamer is the ultimate heavy duty utility lighter with extended reach and child resistant features.

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